What sort of things do you like to photograph ?
When two photographers meet, one of the first questions they always ask each other is "what sort of things do you like to photograph ?"  I am somewhat  perplexed by this question, just as I am by the restrictive definitions of Landscape / Portrait / Action / etc and not forgetting the undefinable Camera Club Pictorial.  For me, it really doesn't matter.  It is not the choice of subject matter or the categorisation of it or the camera with which it was taken that is important. Neither is it about "storytelling". 
No, the interesting thing about a photograph is the unanswered question that it asks; the question that it leaves hanging in the mind of the person who looks at  it.  This approach to photography is, shall we say for want of a better word, Contemporary.  It is concerned with "images about something" rather than "images of something".  For this reason, the title of this website is www.imagesabout.com
I have collected here various photographic and illustration projects I have worked on, and I will continue to add to them as new projects develop.  I hope you will enjoy looking at them and share in my world of unanswered questions.
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